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We offer one-on-one pilates session post rehabilitation. Each patient is assessed by the therapist for the suitability of pilates form of exercises in order to avoid injuries and gain maximum benefit.
Monica, Liz and Samantha are all certified in the pilates method of exercises
425 Madison Avenue, Suite 1605
New York, NY 10017



"Monica Joshi runs a first rate physical therapy practice. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, thorough, and accommodating. I continue to refer patients to her and always get great reviews. The Back In The Game staff are also very warm, friendly and run a very efficient office."
Scott Kalish, M.D., Medical Director, Barclays Bank, New York, N.Y.

"Monica is a unique physical therapist. Of course, she has a vast experience in her subject (she's seen thousands of injuries); she invests substantial time and resources to stay current on the latest techniques and therapies; and she has close ties with some of New York 's finest orthopedists (it's tough to get an opening for an appointment). What makes Monica special is the time she devotes both to focus on her patients' issues and implement the right solution. It is that commitment to treating each patient personally until they are cured that makes Monica unique."
Ramon D. Olivera, patient

"After six months of futile therapy at another location in the City for an injured foot, Back In The Game was recommended to me. Now, after just four weeks of highly focused and customized treatment I am near 100% and playing tennis again!"
brianmarc @ Citysearch

"The therapists at Back In The Game developed a treatment plan for me which combines exercises to increase both strength and flexibility. They have worked with me to learn the proper technique for each exercise, and have done hands-on body work to increase my flexibility. After eight weeks I have improved posture, more strength and less pain. They are truly committed professionals, and I often recommend the practice to friends."
86street @ Citysearch

"Monica and her staff have been consumate professionals in every respect."
Robert G. Marx, MD, MSc, FRCSC, Orthopaedic Director, Sports Medicine Institute for Young Athletes,
Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY

"Back In The Game Therapy is absoutely the best. I have known them for 9 years and they have healed a variety of injuries from which I suffered. There is no place like Back In The Game..."
Barton Biggs

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