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Our highly trained staff is ready to get you back in the game. Click on one of our team members below and get to know us better.
425 Madison Avenue, Suite 1605
New York, NY 10017


Meghan Treder,DPT, is passionate about rejuvenating your life and your future!

Meghan Treder earned her doctorate in physical therapy in 2009 from Ithaca College. She was an entry level physical therapy major as a freshman, making physical therapy her academic focus for 6 years. Since graduation Meghan has worked in orthopedics at various locations in NYC. Meghan is certified in 3 levels of Neurac Redcord and is currently developing BackRx and ArthritisRx classes to help teach patients with acute or chronic diagnosis how to improve their quality of life through pain free movement and exercise.

A former athlete growing up and through college, Meghan plays in numerous recreational football leagues. Her team has played to raise money for multiple charities including The Medical Missions Group which is a tremendous passion of hers.







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